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5 successful & diverse online shops

Always one step ahead.

We think ahead.

Our focus is on offering products that enable our customers to live a better life.

In doing so, we not only place value on functionality and high quality, but also consider the factor of sustainability.

All our products are designed to last a long time.

We believe that you should combine your strengths. That is exactly why we have a separate shop for each product category, where you can find everything, your heart desires.

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The RESORTI online shop offers a versatile selection of street furniture and recycling solutions.

As one of the leading German suppliers of street furniture, we at RESORTI know what it takes to transform urban spaces into feel-good zones. We design our range according to people’s needs, the current developments of our time and with an eye to the future.

Variety of products

Our product portfolio offers a generous selection of seating furniture, waste separation systems, canopies, barrier technology and other high-quality articles in the areas of cycling, sports, landscaping & operations and traffic & information.

All RESORTI articles are made of high-quality materials and are designed according to the principle of durability.

Our products are made for people, so we offer product variants that are as diverse as the people who use them.

Our strengths

Urban development is a concept by people for people. The possibility of indirect co-design is a very responsible task for us, to which we devote ourselves with great dedication every day.

We also support and advise customers on their projects outside the classic product range. The right colour, a very special embossing or even a special product request can be realised with us. Trustworthy project management, fair prices, high-quality design and reliable products are our strengths.

Are you aiming for a new urban design? Would you like to equip urban spaces or simply optimise public areas and create space for social meeting points?

Let us become your partner! We always keep an eye on the big picture, the people.

The online shop RESORTI BIN SHEDS offers a high-quality selection of bin sheds and associated product categories.

Since 2014, we have been offering bin sheds, bin houses, container sheds but also parcel boxes and various outdoor storage options in a stand-alone online shop.

More possibilities

Our sheds not only serve a useful purpose, but they also offer more possibilities for design and embellishment. An endeavour that we ourselves can understand and therefore also sell with great enthusiasm.

Not every product that is used every day is equally beautiful and attractive. That’s why our answer is a product solution that allows more leeway for one’s own taste.

Rubbish bins are an everyday necessity, but they fulfil purely functional tasks. Our bin sheds not only provide protection, but they also offer design options. The different roof variants provide an individual touch.

Let's find a solution together!

Would you like to transform your outdoor area into a complete feel-good zone and finally free it from the view of bins? Or do you need a solution for parcel deliveries, firewood or bicycle, pram & co for the finishing touches to your outdoor area?

Let us find the ideal solution together, exactly to your taste!

FREISPORT is the outdoor fitness brand of RESORTI and offers first-class outdoor fitness equipment for different target groups and sport levels in an independent online shop.

Various sports equipment

Exercise and sporting activities outdoors not only increase physical health, but also enrich the mind and soul. Joint activities promote social life.

Our outdoor fitness equipment appeals to a wide range of people. Thanks to different product groups, the equipment can be used by almost everyone. There is exercise equipment, fitness-enhancing equipment as well as products that enable balanced strength training. Modular sports equipment for self-weight training as well as equipment for wheelchair users and useful accessories are also part of our product range.

Project management support

For an ideal use, the location and a target group-oriented equipment selection are the strongest factors. In order to choose the right equipment and to ensure a high frequency of use, we support our customers in project management.

In doing so, we deal intensively with the local conditions, the target group analysis and develop a balanced concept for our clients. We also offer other aspects such as fall protection flooring, hygiene concept or even extensions for playful activities. Our recommendations are based on our intensive experience and a great deal of passion for outdoor exercise and sports.

You want to create a new meeting place for visitors with athletic ambitions? Do you want to provide an effective and attractive offer for sports enthusiasts and people who enjoy exercise?

Let’s start a strong project together! We will support you with full commitment in the choice of outdoor fitness equipment and the successful implementation of your project.

The MEISTERBOX online shop offers an exclusive selection of masterly products from our own development.

The online shop for our masterpiece, the MEISTERBOX bin shed, has existed since 2019. A lot has happened since then. Our One Product online shop has grown into a shop for high-quality, innovative and durable products.

High quality and clever design

Our goal is to create products that are built from sustainable materials in addition to a stylish design, thus contributing to our green guideline.

The motivation behind the products is to create value for money alongside a timeless look and durable materials.

The motivation behind the products is to create value for money alongside a timeless look and durable materials.

We have combined our many years of experience in street furniture and bin sheds with feedback from our customers. In this way, we were not only able to implement a successful production method and a noble design for the MEISTERBOX, but also develop smart solutions for the outdoor area.

Appealing product catalogue

As we are constantly striving for improvement and renewal and it is precisely these aspects that distinguish us from the competition in our day-to-day work, we at MEISTERBOX also strive to incorporate all our knowledge into our products. We work against stagnation. Requirements change and so do the needs of our customers. We react to this by always being on the lookout for new innovations in addition to a selected product range.


Would you like to give your outdoor area more elegance with products from the MEISTERBOX series?

Let us configure the perfect products together, according to your needs!

bespace is our latest creation. 

An online shop that covers everything the outdoor living heart desires.

Here, you can find smart products for the expansion of outdoor living.

Spotlight on quality

Quality and durability are two of our most important values. Our products are for outdoor use, so we only offer what we ourselves are convinced of. High quality ensures long-term satisfaction and enjoyment of the product. 


Exclusivity and luxury play into the design of our products. Modern products, where each item is a highlight in itself, enhance the outdoor area visually and can also be used functionally. 


We recognise the trend and are counting on it.

Engaged Experts

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for us. 


We take the time for intensive, customer-oriented consultations so that everyone is happy at the end of the day. 


There is no project in which we are not wholeheartedly involved. 


Are you looking for a solution to bring your indoor area outside? Or would you like to create a feel-good zone in your garden where you can really relax? 

Then bespace is the right place for you. Just take a look.